Manufacturer and Retailer

Luxury Apparel Manufacturer Achieves Increased Reliability, Manageability and Speed with LaserVault Backup



Manufacturer & Retailer
Florence, Italy


Luxury Apparel

IBM i System

IBM Power7


  • Virtual tape configuration involved long backup window
  • Complex procedures required to manage the backup process
  • Need for backups that are fast and reliable


LaserVault Backup


  • Easier to manage backup and restore procedures
  • Parallel saves and compression
  • Faster restores
  • More reliable backups
  • Quick installation


This manufacturer and retailer of luxury apparel, located in Florence, Italy, was using the AS/400 virtual tape configuration to back up their Power 7 with 2 IBM partitions. They were experiencing long backup windows that were compounded by the complex procedures required to manage the backup process. To solve these issues, they needed a solution that was easier to manage and that would significantly reduce their backup window.


With the technical guidance of Paolo Lanfranchi, of IThesia Sistemi-IThesia Group, they replaced the virtual tape configuration with LaserVault Backup, a D2D tapeless backup solution. A quick transition to the new LaserVault system was required. States Paolo:

“I selected LaserVault Backup for our customer in part because it does not require any free disk space on the AS/400. The speed of the solution implementation was a great benefit, along with the speed of the save operation.”

Because LaserVault Backup uses commands very similar to existing IBM commands, such as SAVLIBLV, SAVOBJLV, SAVCFGLV, etc., they were able to immediately begin using the LaserVault Backup solution with virtually zero downtime.

They now backup daily creating 1.5TB of compressed data monthly.  Paolo summarizes their success:

“With LaserVault they have more reliability, manageability, and speed. The parallel save and compression features have helped them the most, along with the restore activity being easier and faster. They have achieved their goals of simplifying the overall process and reducing their backup window.”


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