Backup and Restore Solutions

Universal Backup Device 
Our Universal Backup Device (UBD) is a backup appliance that plugs into your IBM i® (AS/400®, iSeries®, System i®) and appears as a tape device.  UBD contains its own disk storage array and may also be used as a gateway device to store backups on your SAN, NAS or any deduplication appliance that supports CIFS connections such as ExaGrid®, NetApp®, Quantum®, etc.  As an added bonus, UBD is easy to install and use.  In fact, many of our customers begin using UBD the same day it is installed.  Read More »

UBD Synch - New! 
With UBD Synch, a new optional feature available with UBD, you can automatically replicate your compressed encrypted tape files to a second offsite UBD server, or to a file server.  This simplifies your backup process even more by eliminating the need to arrange for and/or transport physical tapes to an offsite or DR location.  Read More »

LaserVault Backup
LaserVault Backup (LV Backup) is a network-connected disk to disk backup system for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) computer systems that allows you to backup your System i to disk, NAS, SAN or deduplication server.  It stores each backup as a file on a local or network attached disk array that can be copied for offsite backup or restored to the iSeries quickly.  It is extremely easy to change your backup solution to LV Backup.  All you need is an iSeries, a Windows-based backup server and the LV Backup software.  Read More »

Document Management Solutions

LaserVault Document Management System
LaserVault DMS (LV DMS) is a browser-based document management solution that allows you to scan, index, store and retrieve your documents with the touch of a single key, integrating with your existing CRM or application software.  And with LV DMS Workflow, you can streamline your business processes, manage your workload, improve customer service and measure employee efficiency with one simple program.  Read More »

LaserVault Reports
LaserVault Reports (LV Reports) is a secure solution for archiving and indexing all your computer generated reports, including PDF output, and a browser-based interface for retrieving, printing, faxing and emailing those reports.  LaserVault Reports includes an overlay generator for print-on-demand forms and a copy of NeXtract, our data mining tool, at no extra charge.  Read More »

Content Express E-Delivery
Content Express is a content delivery solution that automatically reads and splits your computer generated reports, turns them into PDF, HTML or text files and distributes them to your recipients via email, fax or the web.  E-delivery of your reports with Content Express has never been easier or more economical.  Read More »

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