Cumberland County Public Health

Public Health Company Replaces AS/400 Tape Backups



Cumberland County Public Health Center
Fayetteville, NC



IBM i System



  • Tape backup process consuming time and personnel hours
  • Data Domain replication
  • 21 GB backups processed nightly


LaserVault Backup


  • Provides easy and reliable backups for AS/400
  • Replaced tape backups
  • Works with Data Domain replication
  • Easily processes 21 GB backups nightly


Motivated by having to process their nightly backups to tape, Cumberland County Public Health Center needed an easier and more expedient solution for their backups. They wanted a reliable backup system that would eliminate continually having to deal with tape media and tape drives. Brian Wall, Computer Consultant II for Cumberland County, states:

“We wanted a backup to disk solution for our AS/400 that would replace the tape.”


They were very clear on what they desired in a backup solution: one that would backup the AS/400, work with their Data Domain replication system, and get rid of the tape. Finding the right system for their needs was vital. With this in mind, Cumberland County selected LaserVault Backup for their new backup solution.

What they found is that LaserVault Backup is a simple yet powerful replacement for tape backups for the AS/400, as well as iSeries and System i hosts. A D2D system that uses a TCP/IP connection, it stores each backup as a file on a local or network attached disk array that can be copied for offsite backup or restored to the AS/400 quickly.


“Before we purchased LaserVault we were dealing with the daily tape backups for our AS/400. We were able to easily and successfully eliminate tape when we went with LaserVault Backup. I recommend it for any business looking for an alternative to backup to tape for their IBM® system.”


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